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BIZTANI Solutions Private Limited, fondly called BIZTANI, is a result of the continuous & relentless efforts by a team of seasoned professionals engaged in the direct selling industry since last two decades. Their dream to bring happiness & wellness into the life of millions prompted them to launch BIZTANI through which they can offer best in class products to its patrons while enabling them to become Job creators as well in the process. What’s better than the twin advantage of being a consumer as well as a seller at the same time?

BIZTANI, being an upcoming & promising Direct Selling company, aims to become the best in the domain of procurement & dispersal of highest quality products comprising of but not limited to Organic Products at extremely affordable prices.

BIZTANI also adheres to the concept of the wellbeing of all sections of the society by giving them the opportunity to have their own business with which they can fulfill their long cherished dreams and become the backbone of India’s growth story. We believe it is high time that business or success remain concentrated to select few high net worth individuals or companies. The call of today is to make more & more billionaires who can support our country in becoming the next super power in terms of business and finance and thus India can become the financial capital of the world.

Our vision is to make India the first official Organic Country of the world and this is not possible without the involvement of its women power. By increasing the awareness about the organic products among the women, the benefit can be transferred to the whole family because the woman is the pivot of her family. We aim to help the women of India becoming entrepreneurs and the change agent of the next decade.

BIZTANI aims to play an important part in incrementing our farmer’s income and women’s empowerment with the help of network marketing.

We want BIZTANI to be known and felt as your own Family’s Company. We are a family and we want whole India to become a big, single & united family.


“To make India the first official organic country of the world”


“To ensure every individual gets access to healthy food, healthy thoughts and healthy earnings!”