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The accompanying Rules and Regulations of BIZTANI Marketing Pvt. Ltd. (the Organization) are defined and actualized for shielding rights and pride of the merchants while controlling behavior of business. With a specific end goal to transform you as a capable and moral distributor/wholesaler of BIZTANI, you are supposed to follow the Policies/Rules and Regulations of the Company; any infringement of the same can bring about end of your distributorship. The Company maintains whatever authority is needed to alter its Policies, Rules and Regulations without any prior notice or elucidation. You are required to visit the Organization's site every once in a while and keep yourself updated with refreshed/revised rules, principles and controlling guidelines.

Guarantee Clause

BIZTANI (hereinafter called the Company) offers superior quality organic food products to each client. On the off chance that the item obtained by the Distributors or buyers is defective, damaged or unfit for consumption, the Company ensures substitution, if reported within 7 days of receiving. In any case, this assurance does not reach out to damages or sullying because of expiry, carelessness or deliberate act.

Product Return Clause

If there is any occurrence of any disappointment, fabricating or packaging deformity; clients/Distributors can return/exchange the item. The clients/Distributors must contact the Distributors/Company from whom they had acquired the same, within 14 days from the date of purchase. They need to give a reason and return the said items along with the original client order receipt duplicate/invoice. In such cases, it is the distributor’s commitment to fulfill the client's need for cash refund or substitution/replacement of items. The Distributor would then be able to restore these items, with the original Invoice to the Company. The Company will exchange these items free of cost or if the distributor does not need similar items, the Organization will give a cash voucher of the same sum, which can be utilized by the Distributor inside 30 days for acquiring products of their choice. For the above cause the documents needed are - Product Return Form, Reason for return, Copy of Invoice, Products to be returned.

Product Buy Back Clause

The Company gives a Buy Back Policy to the merchant who wishes to leave from his/her distributorship furthermore, restore any BIZTANI items that are in great condition, useable, resalable, restock-capable, unopened, unaltered and must have a time span of usability of no less than three months. In the event that the Distributor sends a mail confirming cancellation from the registered email id and returns the products to the Company Office inside 30 days from the date of purchase of the items, BIZTANI will give a Full Refund for the items to the Distributor.

In the event that the Distributor sends a mail confirming cancellation from the registered email id and returns the products to the Company Office after the expiry of 30 days from the date of procurement of items from BIZTANI , the sum discounted will be equivalent to distributor cost of the items being returned, less aggregate reward paid out by the Company on the first buy, less 15% administration charge.

The Buy Back approach is intended to force upon the introducing distributors and the Company the commitment to guarantee that the customer is purchasing items intelligently.

Reporting Clause

In spite of the fact that in normal course of business all distributors ought to answer to their sponsor distributors (Up line) and guide the distributors (Down line) sponsored by them, according to mutual coordination and situational requests, all distributors are required to report 'uncommon, unnatural or suspicious activities / circumstances' straight to the BIZTANI’s management and look for direction.

Code of ethics clause

Distributors are required to adhere to the BIZTANI Code of Ethics by any stretch of the imaginable time. The Company claims all authority to end distributorship at any time for any infringement. Upon becoming a part of the BIZTANI family, the distributors are required to promise the following:

  • That I will religiously follow the most elevated guidelines of trustworthiness and uprightness in the BIZTANI Business.
  • I will introduce the Company's products, marketing plan & success projections precisely and truly, unmistakably depicting the level of hard work required for making such depicted success.
  • I should not utilize misdirecting, false, misleading, as well as unfair engagement tactics, including deception of genuine or potential sales or earnings and positive aspects of the business to any forthcoming distributor/ client , during presentation or any related interaction prior to or post any such presentation. I won't make negative or decrying comments about the Company, its items, officers, representatives or other individuals and products/services. I will be respectful to the Company and to the direct selling industry
  • I won't offer the products of BIZTANI through retail outlets except those authorized by BIZTANI as shops/warehouses to store BIZTANI products.
  • I won't impel, empower, enjoy as well as guide down line for any bonus, rebate or refund of commission. I will not encourage any distributor in my down line to purchase or stock excessive quantity of any product, printed promotion material or any other such related goods or articles.
  • I won't utilize the Company's trade name(s), trade mark, data, writings, promoting material, and any social get-together of individuals engaged in promotion of BIZTANI products, or any asset class including but not limited to the Intellectual Property of BIZTANI to present and promote interests of any element other than the BIZTANI.
  • I will endeavor to guarantee that my clients and valued distributors are fully satisfied with the Company's items and my support & services.
  • I will always maintain the decorum of BIZTANI distributor’s Rules and Regulations.
  • I won't depend on or adopt any false demonstration in promoting BIZTANI’S business at the cost of the Company and its valued distributors.
  • While undertaking distributorship and thereafter also, I won't do anything that may unfavorably influence the Company, its goodwill and business interests.
  • I will not utilize deceiving, misleading, and unfair methods to promote BIZTANI & its products or business plan.
  • I will sincerely find and adhere to the ways & means to guarantee the protection of private data given to me by the buyers of BIZTANI products.

Eligibility clause

Who can become a BIZTANI Distributor:-

Individuals who are
  • an Individual of or above 18 years of age can apply to be a distributor of the Organization.
  • The Company has the outright authority to choose whether to acknowledge or dismiss an application.
  • Distributor of the Company will not enjoy the status of an agent or a representative of BIZTANI. The relationship is on one to one basis.
  • All applications must have the sponsorship of any existing BIZTANI distributor.
  • Spouse and husband constitute a solitary unit for the purposes.
  • Son or unmarried girl of a merchant can join the Business with their free ID if the line of sponsorship is under their family ID. Also any of the relatives can join under their child/unmarried girl.
Legitimate legal entity - (for example, HUF, Partnership firms, LLP, Company, Society and Trust)
  • In such cases enlistment should not be in the name of any individual partner of that entity rather it will be done in the name of the entity.
  • The entity has to submit various documents / proofs or establishment like MoA, Copy of constitution, Partnership deed, PAN etc. In case the entity is HUF, then only its PAN will serve the purpose.
  • Obligation and qualification of such element is according to relevant law applicable on the domicile. If any rewards are announced, it will be done in the entity’s name only.
  • Any adjustment/change/omission/addition in constitution of the entity ought to be implied to BIZTANI on urgent basis and a new application form ought to be submitted alongside the new/refreshed constitution. Organization claims all authority to reject enlistment of such new/changed arrangement or constitution.
  • Organization will discuss or communicate the necessary information just with a man/official appropriately approved by the entity under written authority letter submitted with BIZTANI beforehand.
  • If there should arise an occurrence of disintegration/winding up/bankruptcy of the entity; reward privilege/refunds/ arrears payments, if any should be discharged to the successor person upon submission of confirmation evidence(s) adequate to the Company. Claim(s) in this regard might not be handled following 90 days from the occurrence of disintegration/winding up or on the other hand assertion of bankruptcy.

Payment of bonus clause

  • Reward for all distributors is processed on weekly basis, and comparable with the business done in that particular sales week. Pay outs will be issued by the Company to the enlisted merchants according to Company's arrangement.
  • On receipt of regularly scheduled weekly payout distributors should check exactness of calculation. Any inquiries in this regard ought to be made inside 14 days from the date of issuance of payout by the Company. Without such inquiries the figures said in the announcement should be last and official.
  • It is obligatory for the distributors to give their address and bank details to enable BIZTANI to make NEFT transfers. They should likewise send to BIZTANI, any updated data according to Company Guidelines, if there is any change in their address/banker’s name or any other details/Contact no/email id.
  • In order to receive the due Bonus, the Distributor should obligatorily give his/her Bank Details to BIZTANI. In the event that the Distributors neglect to give such Bank Details, BIZTANI maintains all authority to withhold the reward sum.

Managing infringement clause

The Company furnishes direction and guidance to manage circumstances including breaks and infringement of its arrangements and these principles and directions. The Organization will likewise make fitting move against the distributor(s) included. In the occasion of any infringement, the accompanying methodology should be followed:

  • A grievance must be submitted quickly after getting any hint of infringement of any Policies/Rules and Regulations of the Company. The protestation must be given in writing by giving points of interest of the affirmed infringement, additionally he/she should advise his/her upline about the relevant issue.
  • After accepting the protest, the organization should instantly advise the distributor accused of involvement in any such infringement, asking for a quick reaction by method for an opportunity to clarify his/her case. Organization may, in relevant cases on case to case basis, handle such instances on its own cognizance.
  • If there should be an occurrence of insufficient data, the Company may ask for more points for further clarification from either party.
  • In the event that the Company is persuaded that the best way to reestablish regularity is to suspend or end distributorship, it should pass on its choice by composing a letter to the distributor concerned. The letter might be posted through Registered mail/ Speed Post/ Courier to the last referred address of the merchant as recorded in Company's database and the acknowledgement/Courier POD (proof of delivery) should be taken as confirmation of receipt. The Company claims all authority to make essential move against the ended merchant counting looking for claiming damages, recuperation, harms and legitimate expenses brought about, assuming any. Be that as it may, the Company maintains all authority to revise or adjust any piece of the above choice if and when such a need is felt by the Company.

Separation clause

In instances of separation among couples having distributorship through partnership firms' framed as aforementioned, advantages of distributorship and the distributorship itself should be allotted or on the other hand exchanged as the case might be regarding the 'deed of association'. Such changes in distributorship of the 'association firm' should be caused by the Company just on finishing of 90 days after receipt of the 'declaration of separation' allowed by an appropriate court. The distributorship of the association firm of the couple might be put under suspension with impact from the date of initiation of separation procedures between the couple and amid pendency of separation procedures, the Organization in its tact may as an uncommon course of action permit (without demanding the lapse of cooling period) the two parties do BIZTANI business independently as newly designated distributors. After the judgment of the Court, the suspension of the mate in whose name the court has affirmed for Distributorship to be proceeded; can proceed as a Distributor, and the association will stand broken. On the off chance that the judgment is quiet on the issue, the Distributorship under association will stand ended.

Prohibition clause

    A Distributor might not
  • Bring about any liabilities or Debt in the name or for the benefit of the Company.
  • Go into, change or adjust any agreement for the sake of the Company.
  • Draw in itself or show intrigue specifically/obliquely as the company’s employee or agent or licensee of any product or service available to be purchased other than those of the Organization, in any exchange, business or profession in rivalry with the Organization.


  • The inability of the Company to practice any rights expressed in the Organization Rules and Regulations or in the Distributor Application Agreement Form might not constitute a waiver of the Company's rights to request correct consistence therewith.
  • Any waiver by the Company can and might just be influenced in writing by approved signatory of the Company.

Marriage clause

The Company regards spouse and husband as one single unit for the allotment of distributorship. In circumstances where two free existing distributors wed each other, it is assumed for them to have surrendered their distributorship. The distributors, who are married to each other, should independently inform to the Company about their marriage inside 30 days from the date of their marriage. Subject to states of other sub-provisos of this condition one among them should leave inside 30 days from the date of marriage, failing which distributorship of the both the merchants should be crossed out.

  • Original downline structure of the merchant, who leaves for reasons of marriage, as far as this sub-clause is concerned, should remain unaltered.
  • In any case, to keep up association with the Company and to further lead BIZTANI business, the Couple may frame a 'partnership firm' in lines of the model 'deed of partnership' endorsed by the Company for the issuance of normal distributorship, and present the same in the form of a joint application looking for distributorship for their 'partnership firm' inside 30 days of their marriage. This association will supplant the previous Distributorship of the Distributor who does not leave and the Structure will stay unaltered.
  • Upon marriage among two existing merchants and they being given 'partnership' (independent of their framework/level), they should open a joint bank account share the relevant particulars to the Company inside 60 days from the date of marriage. The Company upon receipt of such insinuation might credit payouts/reward earned by the 'partnership' in such record. On the off chance that the record isn't opened, no Reward will be paid out by the Company and the Partnership firm will have no lien on the Bonus earned for the period. In any case, this sub-rule won't be made pertinent for merchant couples who are both EXECUTIVE and Car Fund Achievers unless obviously they need such a course of action.
  • On the off chance that the two merchants are at Executive posts and Car Fund Achievers, at that point their individual distributorships may independently be held at unique status. In any case, one among the two may leave from distributorship/ Executive post and the couple may apply for a single distributorship through "partnership" (involving both of them as partners).This organization will supplant the Distributorship of the Distributor who does not leave and the Structure will stay unaltered. In such cases, unique downline structure of the merchant who leaves for reasons of marriage as far as this sub-clause might stay unaltered. Indeed, even for this situation, the two should independently inform the Company about their marriage inside 30 days from the date of their marriage.
  • Incase such couple does not shape any partnership firm' inside 30 days from their date of marriage or both of them doesn't elucidate factum of their marriage to the Company, the Company holds the privilege to cause proper changes in their downline/network what's more, consolidate their business(s) of two distributorships into one with conditions as might be considered fitting to the Company and additionally cross out distributorship of one or both according to its watchfulness.

Separation clause

In situations where married couples are Distributors under the ‘partnership firm’ model and they get divorced, then the benefits accrued to their ‘partnership firm’ carrying out BIZTANI business will be distributed among them as per the terms of their partnership deed. BIZTANI will make affect to any such distribution only after the completion of 120 days after the submission of the court orders as a proof of divorce been granted by the court.. Their partnership will be put on hold by BIZTANI from the date of the first court hearing of their divorce case appeal. BIZTANI, on special discretion may allow both the parties to carry on BIZTANI promotion work separately as different entities in the form of newly appointed distributors. After the court judgment, as per the court orders, the rights to carry out distributorship will be passed on to the party in which favor court has ordered to proceedings. In case, the court remains silent on this issue, their partnership will deemed to be cancelled or dissolved.

KYC clause

All the distributors should furnish all the relevant documents as proof of their identity, address, bank accounts, PAN, Passport, License, Voter ID card or any other document issued by any State Government or the Central Government which can termed as a sufficient proof of their identity. Without completing the KYC process, the distributor shall not be allowed to carry out the business activity.

Active ID requirement clause

After opting BIZTANI, the distributor must do a purchase of at least 1000 BV for the beginning of commission flow. He can purchase for any amount as a customer but for acting like a distributor, a minimum purchase of Rs. 1000 per month is mandatory after achieveing the GOLD MANAGER Designation.

Any guest can become a customer by just registering on But within 30 days of the registration , if the customer manages to make a purchase of 1000 BVs , he is entitled for distributorship as well.

Representation clause

Any distributor who joins BIZTANI will adhere to the following pledges in connection with the representations made by them:

  • He shall not boast of exaggerated claims of income or success and will always tell the new prospects that true success in BIZTANI can be achieved only through dedicated hard work and there is no short cuts or quick routes to success in BIZTANI.
  • He will regularly use BIZTANI products and share the benefits derived from them to other prospects without exaggeration.
  • He must convey to others that income can be earned only with sustained passion, commitment and consistent hard work.
  • He shall not make any claim which is not mentioned in the product promotion catalogue of BIZTANI, or which are published on the website of the company - No false claim should be made about products, quality, earnings and other facts related with BIZTANI.
  • BIZTANI has full authority to take action against defaulting distributors for this particular clause which includes but not limited to claiming damages implicated to the image of BIZTANI due to false claims made by the distributor. Any loss caused by the action / inaction of the distributor inviting bad promotion or degrading the company’s goodwill or due to misrepresentation or wrong declaration of data, facts, claims and results will attract strict disciplinary or legal action by the company.
  • In case any distributor is implicated with such allegations then he will be given a cooling period of 15 days in which he has to prove himself not guilty and rectify the false claims made, if any.